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Wellness Booster Shots

All Wellness boosters are performed by medically trained RN or Medical Assistant on staff. These injections are quick, painless and will give your body and your skin the energy it needs to look it’s absolute best!  These can be a stand-alone treatment or added on to your next facial or laser treatment!

Choose from any of the below boosters and save:

  • B12 Be Energetic injection
  • B12 MIC Be Active injection
  • Glutathione Be Rejuvenated injection
  • Bella Vita Glow Cocktail

    B12 Be Energetic Injection

    These B12 Be Energetic injections are filled with Vitamin B12, necessary for healthy nerve cells, red blood cell production, and energy! B12 targets the metabolic and digestive functions and not only promotes energy but works from the inside out to promote bright, healthy-looking skin.

    B12 MIC Be Active Injection

    Filled with B12 these injections promote weight loss and provide energy and metabolism boost. While the B12 is working to give you energy, MIC is formulated to assist in weight reduction!

    3 lipotropic (fat-burners) – methionine, inositol, choline (MIC).

    Glutathione Be Rejuvenated Injection

    This super antioxidant, anti-aging injection rejuvenates the skin, reverses effects of free radicals and even revitalizes your vital organs! Glutathione also enhances immune functionality while eliminating toxins and harmful carcinogens. Working from the inside out, this booster will give your skin the ultimate glow!

    Bella Vita Glow Cocktail

    This powerful blend of B12, CoQ10 and Glutathione work together to breathe new life into your skin in just one swoop! This is an intensive proprietary antioxidant combination. Take your vitamins! Instead of taking multiple pills every single day, let us give your skin the vital nutrients it needs!

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