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New Laser, Product Line, and Supplements at the Spa!

Feb 09, 2017

  NEW LASER AT BELLA! My goal is to offer clients the latest and greatest in skincare technology. We are proud to announce that we have acquired The Harmony Pixel Laser. Pixel laser is an FDA-approved fractional ablative skin resurfacing laser that addresses aged and sun damaged skin, including wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines. […]

Bella Spotlight!

Nov 01, 2016

  Our esthetician, Elizabeth, shares her skincare regimen, tips for beautiful skin and her passions outside of the spa! What’s your skincare regimen? It’s so complex because I struggle with acne. In the morning, I use the iS Clinical Cleanser with botanicals to lighten post acne marks and discoloration. I recently started Revision Vitamin C […]

Real Results at Bella!

Oct 11, 2016

  We love feedback from our clients! Below is a letter we received in regards to our popular Microneedling Treatment, and the clients REAL before and after pictures.    “Microneedling hurts a lot, however the pain is only temporary for about 20 minutes after that it’s not that painful. I would say it’s a fantastic […]

Product of the Month at Bella!

Sep 06, 2016

Take 20% off Revision Vitamin C 30% for the entire month of September!   This lotion is formulated with the the strongest concentrations of Vitamin C available and the result is healthy, radiant skin. Brighten dull skin, nourish skin with antioxidants, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and moisturize with this one amazing […]

Bella Spotlight!

Aug 30, 2016

Our lead esthetician Courtney shares her skincare regimen, tips and even a secret recipe to get your morning started right! What’s your skincare regimen? “In the morning I cleanse with Image Ormedic Wash, and apply Obagi C Claryfying Serum, Revision DEJ Eye and Face Cream, and of course, Intellishade. At night I keep it simple. […]

New Treatment at Bella!

Aug 03, 2016

The Mini Laser Microneedling Facial ~ The Mini MN is a great refresher for the skin with no downtime, no redness and no peeling. It uses a lighter setting than the regular Microneedling Facial but it is still affective for resolving acne, tightening, and giving skin an amazing glow. It is perfect before an event […]

August Product of the Month ~ Be Flawless Towelettes!

Aug 01, 2016

Our towelettes are full of antioxidants and active ingredients to help brighten the skin, even pigmentation, smooth wrinkles and diminish fine lines. Hydroquinone is added to the pads at the spa for maximum freshness!

Puffy Eyes? Here are some of the causes … And cures!

Jul 21, 2016

One cause of puffy eyes is excess salt in your diet. Another cause is your sleep position, because when you lie down horizontally, gravity pushes fluid into the bags under your eyes. Finally, allergies can play a role in puffiness. Don’t worry! We have a few remedies to help… Avoid excess salt in your diet and […]

Alethea’s Skincare Regimen

Jul 12, 2016

People always ask me about what products I use on my skin. Here are a few products I can’t go without! I use Ormedic Lip Therapy to hydrate my lips after brushing my teeth. Obagi Vitamin C goes on every morning to help brighten my skin. I apply Elastiderm Eye to retain elasticity in the delicate skin around my […]

How to Pamper and Protect Your Skin

Jul 12, 2016

Summer is here! And that means exposure to the sun. Protect and pamper your skin this season! Here are a few helpful suggestions to keep you looking bronzed while protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays.