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Bella Spotlight!

Our lead esthetician Courtney shares her skincare regimen, tips and even a secret recipe to get your morning started right!


What’s your skincare regimen?

“In the morning I cleanse with Image Ormedic Wash, and apply Obagi C Claryfying Serum, Revision DEJ Eye and Face Cream, and of course, Intellishade. At night I keep it simple. I cleanse, use a Be Bella Be Bright 4% pad, and three times a week I use Revision Retinol Complete and Revox.”

What’s the most important thing you tell your clients?

“Drink lots of water, and take fish oil and biotin supplements. Also, exercise! It will give you a healthy glow because you are sweating out the toxins in your body. My skin looks the best when I’m on a consistent exercise routine.”

We hear you have a secret coffee recipe ~ will you tell us about it?!

Yes! Every morning I make a smoothie with coffee and protein powder for energy, and I add coconut oil for healthy fat. It’s also good for the body and the joints. I put it all in a blender and hit frappe!”

What is your favorite treatment at Bella?

“The Refresh! I love doing it and because it is a combination laser treatment, I can address any skincare concern and give my clients amazing results.”

Have you ever tried anything crazy on your skin?

“No, I’ve never done anything gimmicky. I know there is no ‘quick fix’ for anti-aging. But every device I use on my clients I’ve used on my own skin to know exactly how it feels, including the Affirm.”

What is your favorite thing about working at Bella?

“That I have such a diverse group of clients and they are so positive and so excited to learn about the latest and greatest in skincare. I get to share my passion with them everyday!”