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Bella Spotlight!


Our esthetician, Elizabeth, shares her skincare regimen, tips for beautiful skin and her passions outside of the spa!


What’s your skincare regimen?

It’s so complex because I struggle with acne. In the morning, I use the iS Clinical Cleanser with botanicals to lighten post acne marks and discoloration. I recently started Revision Vitamin C 30% to hydrate and protect my skin. I use Revision Intellishade everyday with Colorscience Powder because it gives me full coverage to give me confidence while protecting my skin from the sun. At night, I cleanse, apply Revision Revox 7 to prolong the need for Botox, Retinol Complete for acne and texture and DEJ Face to moisturize.

What’s the most important thing you tell your clients?

My goal for my clients is for them to be comfortable with the lasers we have to help with tightening and pigmentation. I want to change the health of their skin so they are anti-aging powerhouses and can avoid surgical procedures down the road.

What is your favorite treatment at Bella?

Laser microneedling is my favorite treatment to give and receive.  It affectively treats texture, fine lines and has less downtime than a regular microneedling treatment because of the added step of the laser.

What have you done to your skin to see results?

I’ve done full Vi Peels to correct the acne I’ve battled for years and IPL facials to fade away the scars. I also use the Venus Freeze on the highest setting to tighten my tummy – it’s super hot but I see the results!

What is your favorite thing about working at Bella?

It’s that we have an array of treatments to target anyone’s skin concerns. I like that we are able to combine lasers and products to achieve real results for any client that comes to us.

What are your passions outside of the spa?

Anything outdoors with my son, Waylon! We especially love hiking and camping.